Little Jackfish River Project

Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG) is proposing to develop up to 78 megawatts of renewable hydroelectric power through the construction of one generating station on the Little Jackfish River (Proposed Undertaking).

The location of the Proposed Undertaking is the Little Jackfish River, which flows south from the Ogoki Reservoir into Lake Nipigon, about two hundred kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay. Refer to the Maps and Figures section of this website for a map of the project location.

Last year, OPG changed the scope for the Little Jackfish River Hydroelectric Project. The scope now includes the development of renewable hydroelectric power at one generating station (GS). The scope change also includes the automation of the existing Summit Control Dam located at the north end of the Little Jackfish River. The proposed generating station will consist of a dam, the construction of an approximately 180 kilometre long 230 kilovolt transmission line that will connect the GS to the provincial grid east of The Town of Nipigon, and a 25 kilovolt transmission line that will connect the GS to Summit Control Dam. The generating station will have an installed capacity of about 78 megawatts and an annual output of approximately 380 gigawatt hours of energy. At full capacity, this is enough electricity to power about 78,000 homes.

Get Involved

In order to facilitate communication and the distribution of project information, OPG is building a stakeholder list. Please see the contacts section of this web site to add your name to the stakeholder list in order to receive regular updates about the Project.

OPG welcomes your input about the proposed undertaking. Bringing together all relevant viewpoints at the earliest opportunity in the planning of this Project is more likely to ensure that all potential concerns and issues are considered during the environmental assessment process.